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Thursday, 16 April 2015

LBF 15 Day 2

I spent another great day at The London Book Fair and, as always, picked up so many tips from experts within the industry.

Probably the "take away" was that celebrity sells. The turn out for Conchita Wurst and the final appluase reinforced the message. Sadly that's not a tool in my arsenal. I had to smile at the Chair person who said "How do you follow Conchita?" I bet he won't get to use that line very often.

The importance of book covers, always a source of pride, frustration, discussion and every other emotion known to human kind, re-emerged as a vital tool of the trade. Examples of good and bad covers were discussed and I still failed to get beyond the thought that it's a personal taste. The accolades for one particular cover will remain a mystery for me.

The section on social media was enlightening. As always, new terms and applications emerged from cyberspace, so eloquently described by yound enthusiastic speakers. One successful author admitted that she still only has a smattering of visitors to her blog so I felt reassured and thankful for those of you who take the time to read.

The highlight of Day 3 has already occurred before I step through the doors of Olympia. I logged on to a notice from a FB friend that "Fighters Over The Falklands", my 2nd book, has been reviewed on The Royal Air Force Association's online magazine, Air Mail. Despite all the dire warnings this week about how not to get too depressed when reviews are less than positive, I was relieved and pleased to see a positive write up. If you'd like to read it scroll down to page 39.

Book reviews are a life blood and it's all the more special given that it's an RAF charity.

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