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Sunday, 19 April 2015

My First Audiobook

Well it's daunting but I've finished production of "Defector" as an audiobook and have just heard that it is being prepared to go on sale on Amazon ACX. I had expected some technical feedback on the quality given the challenges.

It's quite a journey and I hope the results are well received. I decided to narrate the story myself. Whilst I don't have the silky smooth voice of a professional actor, I know the story and I know how it sounds in my own head. I hope that will cover for one or two inevitable stumbles over a tricky word. It's extremely time consuming so I may take a break before I tackle my subsequent novels. Maybe a period of reflection until we see how the reviews shape up. In the meantime I'll fight off the urge to get my equity card.

I used Audacity for the recording but invested in a professional microphone. The wonderful irony was that I had many "retakes" due to aircraft flying overhead the village en route to nearby RAF Coningsby. Now if I could just have harnessed those noises at an appropriate moment it might have added to the audiobook. Am I setting a first at editing out jet noise from a book about jet fighters?

I'll apologise in advance for the price but being 11 hours long Amazon sets the price based on listening time.

"Defector". Out soon on ACX.

Audio Sample

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